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Published on April 30, 2008 By jdkeepsmiling In Home Improvement

I have no shame in stealing the name of a cheesy movie for the title of one of my blogs. Does that make me unscrupulous?? I think not, just resourceful.

So recently on a Friday night, Wife goes out to our chest freezer and discovers that lo and behold, the evil thing has stopped working. Now of course these thing always tend to happen to us late at night and on a weekend.  First it was the flooding of the basement... 4 months after buying the house, and now a dead freezer full of food.

I was discussing this event with a coworker and he expressed a theory that houses know when you are finally starting to get ahead financially. The house hears you say how nice it was is that there is finally some cash in the account, and WAM, there goes the water heater, or your garage door opener stops working. The house just knows! It is as if the house has ears.

So now, the Wife and I will NEVER discuss surplus funds in the house, we must keep this valuable information from our domicile. But then I was wondering where we could discuss it, certainly not the car, that would just be asking for trouble. Not the lawn...lest the lawn mower crap out on me. Maybe via facebook or email, but then we would need a new laptop. Finally I figured the only safe way was in someone else's house. This way, if anything breaks, I probably won't own it. HA, nothing like out thinking the system.  

on Apr 30, 2008